Texas Renaissance Festival

Saturday, my wife and I attended the Texas Renaissance Festival in Magnolia, about an hour outside of Houston. Mind blown.

I’ve been to renaissance festivals. This is no ordinary Ren Fest. First of all, it’s permanent. Second, it’s like walking around a small town. The site covers 55 acres. We made a mistake by not buying the program/map because it took us 20 minutes to find our way out after a few hours walking around. And I’m still pretty sure we didn’t see every part of the park.

There were the usual medieval costumes, crusaders, barbarians, kings, queens, dandies, and pirates. Since it was also Halloween weekend, there were plenty of scary costumes as well. I saw a centaur and multiple men wearing nothing but a loincloth (and judging by the length of the cloth, I’m not sure they wore underwear either). So many people were dressed up and acting of their time period that I don’t know who worked there and who was just visiting. Continue reading