A Night at the Ballpark

My dad loves going to baseball games, but he’s not really a fan. What he is, is a fan of the atmosphere. He loves ballparks, peanuts, popcorn, and kosher hot dogs. He doesn’t go to too many games, but ever since he’s lived in Houston he goes to a few Astros games a year.

I’m even less of a fan than dad is. I didn’t grow up with a favorite team, or in a city with MLB. I never watched it on TV, though I did, inexplicably, play on my high school team. Still, I usually don’t mind sitting at the park on a nice night once in a while. (I learned my lesson not to go to summer day games in Texas anymore.)

The season is drawing to a close now, and dad hadn’t seen any games so far this year, and this was the last week in his schedule that there would be an Astros’ homestand. So I obliged him, and we took off to Minute Maid Field last night sans wives (much to their relief). Continue reading


Don’t be a Big Brother

Big Brother 13 (U.S.)

Big Brother 13 (U.S.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Big Brother. It’s the best terrible show on television. And it was truly love at first sight. First sight, that is, if one defines it as “utterly ignoring something for seven years.” It wasn’t until the summer of 2007, when there must have been nothing else on TV, that I first tuned into BB8. I vaguely knew the show existed, being a huge fan of its sister show, Survivor. But Big Brother always struck me as the slimy underbelly of reality TV. Twelve to sixteen Americans, locked in a house for three months, their every shower tracked by dozens of cameras streaming to a live Internet feed. Continue reading