Houston Historic Districts: Boulevard Oaks

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I’m inaugurating a new feature here on the Three R’s. Houston has 19 designated historic districts, and since I’m both a Realtor and a history PhD, I thought it would be fun to document the city’s historic neighborhoods. This is a little bit strange since Houston is a relatively young city that didn’t blossom into a major metropolis until the 20th Century, particularly after the 1900 hurricane devastated nearby Galveston. Nevertheless, these districts are all on the National Register of Historic Places.

So I set out with my camera and started taking photos of the buildings that make up these districts.

First up, the Boulevard Oaks Historic District. Located between the Southwest Freeway and Rice University, this district consists mostly of North and South Boulevards. Lined by stately oak trees, these streets are home to a mix of beautiful 1920s and 30s era houses and out-of-place modern styles. The older homes were built by Houston’s finest architects in the revival styles popular at the time, including Tudor Revival and Colonial Revival, as well as French Manorial, Neoclassical, and English Picturesque.*

The homes are well kept, and when I visited one afternoon, the streets were full of contractors ensuring that the beautiful homes continue looking beautiful for many decades to come.

Does this look like somewhere you’d like to live?

*H/T: Houston Association of Realtors: Boulevard Oaks Historic Districts


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